Artisan de la Truffe at LE BHV MARAIS for the 7Somewhere Rallye Gourmand on Saturday, 28th Mayi !

During this epicurian and pedestrian rally, take up more than 40 gourmet challenges with your team, win gastronomic prizes and enjoy a cocktail dinner ! Registration on Rally's Price : €45 (+ €30 for the cocktail dinner)

Find out the summer truffle, Tuber Aestivum, on the Artisan de la Truffe tasting counters !

Slightly lighter than the Melanosporum, the flavour of summer truffle combines fine and distinctive forest mushrooms and corn aroma, with a mild taste of undergrowth.

Artisan de la truffe reveals its spring-summer menu !

During the sunny season, truffle lovers would succomb to new seasonal recipes full of on the Artisan de la Truffe tasting counters in the BHV Marais store and the Grande Epicerie in Paris. Find out, tagliatelle pasta with summer truffle, sea bream carpaccio marinated with truffle, burrata with summer truffle...

The basil pesto with summer truffle

Discover the basil pesto with summer truffle Artisan de la Truffe, ideal to accompany pasta, carpaccio or bruschetta !

Demonstration at BHV Marais

On the occasion of the " 6 jours du BHV ", discover the world of Artisan de la Truffe through its full range of gourmet products and recipes featuring truffle during a demonstration on March 19 , from 11am to 7pm in the kitchen area on the 3rd floor of the BHV Marais!


Visit the new Artisan de la Truffe tasting counter in the BHV Marais store in Paris! A full, sophisticated eating experience featuring truffle-based products will delight truffle novices and gourmet connoisseurs alike! Eat-in or takeaway service. BHV Marais – 3ème étage, 52 rue de Rivoli, 75004 Paris
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